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Eats I caminooranges2018 rkp.jpg

Photo by: Rachel Pell

I eat 
the land, earth, fertile dirt

       Stinging nettles for my tea, dusky sage, fragrant mint
                 unfaithful thyme,  soft-furred leaves, borage of blue stars
                               tall yellow mallow, beloved of bright orange butterflies, Monarchs 
the  carrot     the one the rabbit 
              somehow didn’t take, half-eaten red strawberries 
                                                                                   littered by squirrels
                                                                                                   on the ground
      how the dog leaped, grabbed three off the tree, took one bite of each
                 let them drop 
                      Peelings unwanted, food turned to compost, last year’s autumn leaves
                               ashes, my body, my bones  
                                       in her mouth, voracious, ravening  
                                                she takes me, takes it all 

(in The Northern Appeal Issue 6 2019, p.51)
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