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How Poets Respond to Peril

When Russia invaded the Ukraine last February, it was hard to know how to respond. Millions of people fleeing bombed homes, women and children exiled, men and boys left behind to fight. In a country not so different than our own. What could poets do? One small thing: write poems for a country where poetry is in the history, culture and lifeblood of the people who live there. Penn Kemp and Richard-Yves Sitoski pulled together an anthology and Poems in Response to Peril is the result. All proceeds from sales go to support artists and writers affected by the war which sadly continues.

I'm a reader on Saturday at London (Canada)'s Wordsfest. I'll be reading my own contributions to the book and a couple of poems from others who can't attend. Do join us if you can, live if you happen to live in London, or online; tickets are free through Eventbrite:

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