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How to Survive a Plague?

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Create a collaborative live performance of poetry and dance of course!

Within and Beyond, a pandemic program of dance and poetry, will take place

(she says hopefully, while twirling three times, crossing her fingers and making sure

her lucky stone is in her pocket)

sometime soon, maybe July, maybe August, maybe September....

There have been numerous planned and, ultimately, impossible dates, the most recent being June 13, 2021....sigh....

All have passed in a series of waves.

But that is the story of life in these times, plagued as we are.

Now, in mid-June, it seems that things might just be almost ok, someday soon.

Once upon a time, in the days just-before

Passionate Heart, dancers Michele Green and Suzette Sherman

invited me to collaborate with them. I was delighted!

And then the pandemic. Many delays. But.

What a source of happy imagination this collaboration has become.

How to survive a plague?

Wipe doorknobs

Sanitize hands

Wear masks

Maintain distance

Dream Persist


(November, V)

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