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My Great Bruce Trail Adventure: Week 1

This summer's great adventure is to walk the Bruce Trail from its start at Queenston in Niagara-on-the-Lake to its finish in Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula -- 900km! I'm hoping to finish before Thanksgiving. Wish me luck!

Bonnybank BnB, a welcoming place for hikers. After a shortish walk from the Bruce Trail monument at Queenston Heights to Firemen's Park in Niagara Falls, I fell asleep to the sounds of owls calling, awoke to the splash of the fountain outside.....

Lunch stop on Day 2,

Cool water on hot feet, at the Welland Canal, St. Catherine's. If I am going to get lost on a long trail, it is almost always in the urban areas.....I trekked back and forth across the same bridge three times, walked past the turn I wanted twice before I finally found my way back onto the path. And there it was--

this quiet rest place on a welcoming shaded rock with a small stream of water just perfect for a wee foot spa.

Day 3 began at De Cew Heritage Museum, with the First Nations Peace Monument, took me through the many wonders of Short Hills Park...

.......and Cave Springs Conservation Area

and so much else

By the end of Day 4, the conclusion of my first week of this adventure, I began to see myself here and there-- a mossy erratic, a random bit of rocky stuff dropped here beside the path by some long gone


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1 Comment

May 25, 2022

Good luck, May this walk fill you with peace and delight!

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