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Sage Hill Writing Experience

Just about one year ago, I heard that my application to Sage Hill Writing Experience’s Summer Poetry Colloquium had been accepted. I was delighted to be one of six poets working for ten days with the wonderful Sandra Ridley ( as our mentor, and the amazing Sage Hill staff supporting us in every possible way (

I had no idea then of just how great an experience Sage Hill would be —long walks around the grounds of the monastery communing with kittens and goats and honeybees, wildflowers, the occasional monk, chickens and magpies and the occasional heron, open prairie skies. After the amazing opportunities offered by long writing days, the lively and enlightening companionship of novelists, playwrights, essayists, poets, writers of all stripes and persuasions at meals and in evenings, gave the whole experience a richness and depth I could not have imagined. This year, Sage Hill has gone online, along with so much else. I’m sure it will be a fine experience. And when we can once again, literally, rub shoulders with our writing friends and colleagues as we did in this photo from last July, it will indeed be a celebration.

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