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Watermarked at the Collingwood Art Crawl

Seven local poets who said yes. Intakes and outtakes, starts and stops.

The ones who knew how, the ones who do not.

Smartphones, cameras, tablets, computers. Mp4, MOV, m4v, Webloc, Zoom, Dropbox. MailDrop, WhatsApp, Googledocs. Email. Something else with a name known only to those who REALLY know what they’re doing.

Bringing all of that together felt a little bit like trying to round up a scattering of seven puppies on a summer Saturday afternoon at Sunset Point Park. Moist quivering noses to the ground questing in all possible directions for bits of hot dog, a bun, spilled potato salad, a prize piece of dropped salami, a half-eaten cookie.

It was the Magical Unseen Beings - who held phones, tablets, computers, cameras. The patient people who work for Collingwood’s Department of Recreation and Culture, who were willing to wait while we sorted through formats and platforms and edits and rendering, re-rendering, re-re-rendering. The wonderful editor from the Collingwood Digital Service Squad. They were the ones turned it all into a gracefully planned and executed delicious meal of poetry.

Watermarked, Sunday September 20, 6pm

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